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What Is Assisted Living? > Demographics

A typical assisted living resident would be a senior male or female who does not need intensive medical care that a nursing home provides, but needs companionship and some assistance with day-to-day living.  Age groups vary with every residence.  The most important issue to acknowledge is that assisted living residences are a communal living form.  The residents will range in nationality, cultural, religion, age, sex, political association, socio-economic backgrounds, etc.  

The Assisted Living Federation of America reports that the average age of an assisted living resident is 86.9 years (female average age 87.3; male average age 85.7).  Female residents (73.6%) outnumber male residents by almost 3 to 1.  The majority (76.6) of assisted living residents are widowed, and just over 12% are still married or have a significant other.  The median length of stay for assisted living residents is 21 months.

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